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Two starred world news at HI Expo

A two starred world news item, print of the Danish constitution and a special lottery -visitors at HSA Systems' stand can experience this and much more at the hi tech and industry Scandinavia expo in Herning, October 3-5.

Visit HSA Systems' stand L9166 at the hi tech and industry Scandinavia expo in Herning October 3.- 5. where we will be printing both small, big and very fast. At our stand visitors can experience and test a range of inkjet print solutions for both simple and advanced tasks in the prepacking industry. Visitors are also welcomed to take part in HSA Systems' lottery with lottery tickets being printed live on site.

"The printers displayed at the hi−fair, represent our product range quite well. From simple solutions writing short information such as date and lot−number, to what we call a 'pharma-solution' requiring two-dimensional barcodes plus text verification with camera and upload to the cloud for full traceability. It is everything from the most simple to the highly advanced" says Henrik Bjerg Lauridsen, sales engineer at HSA Systems

A two starred world news item at HSA Systems' stand

The HSAJET® high speed print- and verification system exhibited has been graded a two starred world news item by the hi-fair jury. The system provides producers with fast and secure print of data such as unique coding (UID) and datamatrix on large quantities of products. Each print is subsequently verified by the system's camera, securing that correct data is printed. The printer can e.g. be installed on cartoning machines where printing is done on the inside of boxes before these are folded and glued together.

How small can the Danish Constitution be printed and still be readable?

Pretty small actually. Come see for yourself at HSA Systems' stand where we will print a section of the Danish Constitution in small but readable letters, forming the words 'HSA Systems'. The print is performed by a HSAJET Premium printer with 16 premium printheads on a vertical roll-to-roll machine.

Visit HSA Systems' stand and win prizes

The paper roll on which the Danish Constitution will be printed is supplied with security labels normally used in the security printing industry for the printing of pin codes and other types of security coding. On the occasion of the hi technology- and industrial fair, HSA Systems will print secret codes on the labels which will be used as lottery tickets. When stopping by our stand visitors can draw a lottery ticket from the paper roll and right away see if they are the lucky winners.

Visit HSA Systems at stand L9166