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Collins Inks

Collins Color Inks

In addition to the variety of customized ink solutions, Collins also offers cyan, magenta and yellow pigment -based ink formulations and 14 standard color dye-based formulations. The inks are available in cartridges or bulks. All standard colors are available in "Heads-Up" and "Fast dry" formulations. 
Collins can also colormatch virtually any Pantone Matching System (PMS) color.


MAX2 Colors
  • Water/solvent hybrid-based ink that prints on non-porous substrates incl. tyvek, PVC, varnish, polyvinyl, aqueous, and plastic cards.
  • Excellent water-fastness and permanence on a wide variety of non-porous substrates.
  • Available in blue, red and yellow as well as UV and IR invisible formulations.


Reliable H Colors
  • Water/dyr-based ink for matte, glossy papers & chipboard style substrates
  • Dries extremely quickly on coated stocks.
  • Available in TWB1374 Blue, TWR1370 Red and TWY1372 Yellow.

TSG2067 BEAR Green/TSR2008 BEAR Red
  • Aggressive solvent-based ink.
  • Performs well on most difficult substrated such as UV coatings and plastics.
  • Flammable.

Collins also offers a variety of black inks and security inks.

For more inks and further information on Collins inks please call +45 66 10 34 01 or use this link to download the brochure.