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Collins Inks

General Inks

Quality 'Heatless Inks' for industrial package printing with HP Thermal Inkjet Technology for print on semi-porous and non-porous substrates.

IQ9493 Black Heatless Ink II Print Cartridges
IQ9493 Black Heatless Ink II prints on semi-porous substrates as well as non-porous materials e.g.:

  • Aqueous acrylic resin coatings
  • Blister foil
  • Clay-coated materials
  • Oriented nylon
  • Polyester
  • Varnish overcoats
  • Polypropylenes
  • UV coats

IQ648 Black Sapphire Print Cartridge
With this ink you are ready to streamline your package coding and marking print jobs with elegance and affordability.

The IQ648 Black Sapphire ink prints on a variety of different substrates:

  • Polypropylenes
  • Oriented nylon
  • UV coats
  • Varnishes
  • Aqueous coatings
  • Clay coats

With improved light-fastness, water resistance and heat resistance of the IQ9493 Black Heatless Ink II it is now possible to print on previously unprintable materials.

No need for a heater to dry the inks.
You will embrace the HP industrial package printing solution with General's 'Heatless Inks', as no heater or air dryer is required. It is now possible to print on non-porous materials even with small printers unable to be fitted with heaters.

For further information on General Inks please call +45 66 10 34 01 or use this link to download a brochure.