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Collins Inks

HP Inks

All HP print cartridges can be snapped in and out for easy replacement.


B3F58A HP2580 Black Solvent Ink

  • Designed for track and trace coding and marking
  • Excellent durability on coated blister foils
  • Long decap time - ideal for intermittent printing
  • Fast dry time without heat assistance
  • High print definition
  • Smear, fade, and water resistant
  • Faster print speeds
  • Longer throw distance

HP Q2344A Dye-Based 1918 Black ink

  • For intermittent industrial printing on a wide variety of substrates: Coated and uncoated papers, labels, and special media.
  • Higher decap times reduce nozzle dropouts in production environments with intermittent printing requirements.
  • Produces sharp, crisp, durable output without smearing or transfer.
Q2392 HP 2560 Black Pigment ink
  • Excellent print quality over multiple media types.
  • Print on semi-porous media - particularly on high-quality coated, aqueous overcoated, and varnished substrates.
  • Very good optical density on semi-porous substrates.
  • Very good dry rub and oil rub durability.
  • Decap time of up to three minutes.
  • Excellent barcode readability across multiple substrates.
  • Dry time on semi-porous media improved with heat assistance.
  • This ink is also available in bulk ink systems.
CQ849A HP Durable Black ink
  • Excellent media versatility and optical density, as well as durability, decap, and print quality performance.
  • Print on high-quality coated, aqueous overcoated, and varnished substrates.
  • Produces high-quality, high-resolution up to 600dpi (see brochure for specs.)
  • Dark black text and barcodes with high optical density and excellent durability.
  • Maintain high productivity with this durable ink formulation, while producing high-quality prints, even during intermittent printing.
HP C8842A Versatile Black ink
  • Excellent print quality Prints on both porous and non-porous coated media such as a wide range of plain and glossy paper, on Tyvek, and on some types of varnish.
  • Dries in less than one second on porous paper without heating. When printing on glossy paper, use of a standard IR dryer will reduce uniform drying time of Versatile Black ink to less than a second.
  • Does not smear on either coated or uncoated media.
  • Light-fast and water-fast.
HP C6195A Fast Dry Black ink
  • Disposable print cartridge that contains water/resistant, pigment/based ink.
  • Produces exceptional results at high speeds on porous media.
  • Specially designed and manufactured for use in industrial printing markets.
  • Dries in less than one second on porous media.
  • Designed to print 600 dots per inch for use in applications where high-quality output is required.

45A 10-pack

  • Original HP45A high quality industrial inks that deliver crisp black text on porous media.
  • 10 cartridges in easy-to-open and cost-effective packaging.
  • Water- and smudge-resistant.
  • Ideal for porous media, with a good balance of optical density and decap time.
  • Excellent readability on bar codes and package coding.


HP Spot Colors
C6168A (red), C6170A (blue) and C6173A (yellow) Spot Color print cartridges.

  • For industrial printing applications that require spot colors to enhance their operations.
  • Quick and easy color printing, and as affordable as monochrome printing because it relies on easily replaceable ink cartridges rather than ink drums and plates.
Check brochure for PMS color values equivalency.

For further information on HP inks please call +45 66 10 34 01 or
use this link to download the brochure.