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Collins Inks

Usage Restrictions

Package Coding Usage Restrictions for HP Inks
HP Inkjet Technology Package Coding printers and Thermal Inkjet supplies are primarily intended to imprint variable product data on products, primary and/or intermediate packaging, or to imprint variable logistical data on secondary packaging and/or labels intended for package identification. Primary, intermediate and/or secondary package coding (including labels) is intended for package identification, track, trace and authentication (such as bar codes, date/time stamps, lot numbers, product identification numbers, and company logos).

Food and Pharmaceutical Products "FPP" is herein defined as medical devices, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food or substances intended for consumption, veterinary health, nutritional products or any similar items regulated by the FDA or by laws or requirements of regulatory authorities relating to food and pharmaceuticals in other jurisdictions.

The following Use Restrictions apply for printing on packaging materials, if that package contains or is intended to contain FPP.

Customer Company is responsible for communicating to all end user customers of Package Coding Printer and Thermal Inkjet Supplies regarding the following requirements wherever legally required or in accordance with good industry practice and must take commercially reasonable steps to ensure that end user customers do NOT use Package Coding Printers and/or Thermal Inkjet Supplies to:
i) print directly on FPP, or apply the ink in such a manner that it will come in contact with FPP
ii) print on packaging materials where the ink is applied in such a manner that it is likely to come in contact either directly or indirectly with FPP; or
iii) print in such a manner that when ink is applied to the exterior surface of packaging and/or printing substrates ink components will migrate through the packaging material and/or printing substrate to its inner surface at levels that adversely impact the safe use of the contents of the packaging or adversely affect the composition or technical characteristics of the contents in a manner inconsistent with their efficacy and intended use, if that package contains or is intended to contain FPP

In many jurisdictions regulations apply to the packaging and packaging materials of FPP including printing inks. The customer should only use HP inks in this type of application after they complete an appropriate health and safety evaluation and regulatory assessment specific to the proposed use.