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InkDraw Wizard
The OBJ and Mail InkDraw software are now even easier to use.
There are new asssistants to help you when entering the parameters, by simple visual indication of the possible choices.

The Mail Wizard includes a large number of predefined formats but equally it is possible to create and save their own formats. The use of our software requires a user with a minimum of training and IT knowledge.

HSAJET OBJ InkDraw Software


  • Barcode printing
  • Counter objects
  • Time objects
  • Date objects
  • Graphic and logo items
  • Database connectivity
  • Ethernet and serial communication
  • Controllable via touch screen


  • Easy to use
  • Design and print control in one package
  • Available free of charge

HSAJET Mail InkDraw Software

Powerful software for design and print control.The Mail InkDraw software is a fully featured, professional Windowsbased software for inkjet applications using high resolution HSAJET printers.

Design features
Text, date, logos, numbering, barcodes and mail objects are easily created and precisely positioned. All objects are managed by drag and drop.

Variable barcodes and logos
Mail InkDraw offers a large library of barcodes including 2D such as Datamatrix. The barcode library is regularly updated free of charge.

With the drag and drop function it is easy to link to a database for printing variable barcodes and logos.


For further information on our softwares please call +45 66 10 34 01 or use these links to download a brochure for Mail INKdraw or for OBJ INKdraw.