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Desktop Printer Conveyor
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Desktop Printer Conveyor

The HSA Desktop Printer Conveyor ensures superior quality at high speed utilizing HP TIJ 2.5 technology. HSA offers a range of controllers ideal to integrate on the compact HSA vacuum transport system.

Flexible Desktop Printer Conveyor HS600 offers precise transport for high resolution prints up to 4", - now with new aluminium-front design:

Ideal compact solution for printing envelopes, magazines, documents etc.

  • Easy to expand printheight
  • Up to 8 printheads per unit (4")
  • Formats up to 305 mm wide
  • Multiple possibilities of working access:
  • OPC w. Touch Monitor/keyboard, MiniTouch, TIPC
  • Networking via ethernet
  • Requires a minimum of skill and training
  • Two controllable vacuum sections

Key Features:

  • Flexible and expandable
  • High speed - linespeed 80 m/min (20.000 C5s/hour)
  • Precise transport
  • Left to right travel
  • Variable speed
  • Industrial design - Easy to service
  • Powerful drive with programmable drive unit
  • Mounting rails along both edges
  • Ethernet interface


  • Adjustable mounts for monitor / touch PC / controller
  • Exit tray
  • Topaccessories:
  • Bridges, headmounts, bounce rollers, 'hold-down' straps, photo sensor, brackets etc.
  • Floor table or floor cabinet

For further information on our desktop printer conveyor please call +45 66 10 34 01 or use this link to download a brochure.