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Mail Tables

Mail Tables

HS 1000 / HS 1500

Powerful, reliable and precise transport units
The multi purpose vacuum unit is available in 2 sizes to cover most needs for inkjetting, tabbing, labeling etc.

Transport bases for:

  • Ink-jet equipment
  • Drying stations
  • Labeling equipment
  • Off-line or in-line use

Key features:

  • High speed: up to 250 m/min (820 feet/min)
  • Optimum encoder reference (precise transport)
  • Five controllable vacuum sections (3 in HS 1000)
  • Left or right travel at variable speed


  • Easy attachable in-feed table with support
  • Sideguides
  • Adjustable mounts for monitor, controller etc.
  • Bridges for printheads, camera etc.
  • Sensor mounts
  • Exit tray
  • Topaccessories, bounce rollers, hold down-straps etc.


For further information on our mail tables please call +45 66 10 34 01 or
use this link to download a brochure.