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Sicherheits Systeme

Security Printing Systems

Security Printing Systems

HSA Systems manufactures integration kits as well as end-to-end solutions for the Security Printing Industry.

An example of end-to-end Security Document printing solution is completing a document to be used for PIN-codes to be mailed by post to e.g. credit card receivers.

Equipped with camera the information is picked as a unique set of data - printed - and then verified.

Multifunctional security documents with the following features:

  • Secure PIN or Password device
  • Self laminating card
  • Peel Out card with two sides
  • Peel out label

Multifunctional security documents with the following features:

  • Variable address connected to a personal PIN-code and invisible
    control code
  • Numbering, date and time, CMYK
  • Self-laminating card or Peel-out butterfly card
    w/ variable data and invisible UV or IR
  • Peel out label
    w / variable data UV dull or bright
  • Customer identification including Data Matrix